What’s Standing Between

You and Your Vision?

What’s Standing Between

You and Your Vision?

You have a vision—for a movement, for your community, or for your family.

When you think about the ways in which you want to change the world, you get chills (the good kind). But underneath that excitement runs a current of the unknown:

How will I get to where I want to go from here?

You sense that compromise is inevitable, which makes you feel that in order to achieve your vision, you’ll have to make sacrifices—to your beliefs, your personal well-being, your sovereignty, your goals.

Maybe over the years, little by little, you’ve given up the things that make you you. And without realizing it, you’re now living in a landscape largely shaped by others.

Or you may feel that people who hold views opposed to yours are keeping you from reaching your vision—that others are the problem, not you.

Lead. Gather. Relate.

A Radical Approach to How You Make Your Way in the World

It’s possible to relate competently to the things you oppose while refusing to surrender or compromise your World Making vision.

Radical Relating is a revolutionary approach to how you make your way in the world. It fundamentally shifts the way you connect with others.

Radical Relating makes it possible to bring the best of who you are to any situation you face, including the difficult ones.

That’s where the gold lies. Because you, as you are, with all you’re committed to and care about—well, that’s what powers living out your vision in the face of any difficulty or obstacle.

Welcome to a Revolutionary Way to Lead, Gather, and Relate with
Dr. Jenn McCabe

Dr. Jenn McCabe of Lead. Gather. Relate.

Welcome to a Revolutionary Way to Lead, Gather, and Relate with
Dr. Jenn McCabe

Dr. Jenn McCabe of Lead. Gather. Relate.
Dr. Jennifer McCabe is on a mission to radically change the way we relate to difference.

As the Founder of Radical Relating, Director of the World Makers Leadership Program, CEO of Lead. Gather. Relate., and author of an upcoming book on innovative relating and leadership in the face of difference, Dr. McCabe works with people who have an immense vision for the world—but find themselves struggling to realize it because they’re simply unable to relate to difference without compromising themselves and their sovereignty.

Building on diverse experiences such as working with patients facing the end of life, facilitating teams charged with implementing major change initiatives, directing large-scale studies of civic engagement, overseeing the professional development of healthcare providers, and researching the dynamics of decision-making under pressure, Dr. McCabe has created a methodology that’s as grounded in empathy as it is in scientific study, developed through equal parts experience and academic training.

Dr. McCabe leads by example as she pursues her own vision: a world in which people opt out of a culture of contempt and lead from a place of integrity, commitment, and purpose.

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