A revolutionary approach to how you make your way in the world.

The work of Radical Relating fundamentally shifts the way you connect with others, and it’s unlike anything you’ve tried before.

Reframes your approach to relationships


Breaks through conventions that hinder your initiative


Challenges orthodoxies that do not serve your vision

Relating in a new way to others and to the differences you encounter as you make your way in the world is no ordinary undertaking. It’s something that comes only with an investment of time and hard work.

And it’s more than worth it.

Because whether you are building a family, running a business, leading a community, stewarding an organization, or galvanizing a movement, the scope of your vision depends on your capacity to relate to difference in an entirely new way, a radical way.

Radical Relating

A foundation for World Making Leadership that lets you give absolutely everything you can to your greatest vision. It’s built on four core skills:

Empathic listening. When you master this, you can relate to what people are actually saying (instead of what you’re hearing through your own filters). Just like that, 80% of your conflicts disappear.

Empathy. This is the ability to relate to what’s happening for other people without taking it on—to walk with them and see them as capable without getting in their way. Your go-to for situations in which someone else wants to grow or feel, it avoids the reflex move of giving advice, allowing you to manage your responsibilities without getting bogged down in other people’s stuff.

Congruence. This internal compass keeps you steady, regardless of circumstances. When you learn congruence, you can get rooted in your truest self. Whenever. Wherever.

Unconditional positive regard. Believe it or not, it is absolutely possible to be both fully grounded in yourself and totally present with another, even when the other person is doing or saying things that are harsh, accusatory, or even threatening.

And when you can do that, your whole world opens up. There’s no place you can’t go, no situation that can truly throw you. You finally get the chance to fully live and lead.

Work of

The Radical Relating Skills Workshop

As someone who has a vision, you are bound to encounter forces that stand in opposition to the things you hold dear. How you respond to that challenge, how you Relate to Difference, competently and without compromising your integrity, can make or break your vision. In this workshop you’ll learn how to relate to what’s getting in your way without compromising the things you care about. When you can do that, everything changes. There’s no place you can’t go with that World Making vision of yours.

Here’s how it works.

You come together with a small, carefully selected cohort of three to six other people. Over the course of 16 weeks, you’ll learn the four foundational skills of radical relating by applying them to current challenges in your life. That’s right, we’re not about theory. (Because what good is that going to do you in the real world?) We’re about learning by doing. Together we create a rich, dynamic learning environment that addresses the immediate issues you’re facing, all while you learn the skills. This process, called student-centered learning, results in major developmental shifts that last. It’s not easy. In fact, it’s going to require you to be vulnerable and brave on a whole new level. But then again, would you expect anything less from the process of changing your life? Just reading all that might feel a bit daunting.


But the next step is incredibly simple—

Fill out your application to be considered for the next cohort. The application takes about 15-20 minutes. Once you apply, I’ll review your information and get back to you to set up a time to talk. When we meet we’ll discuss your goals and if this workshop is a good fit for you.


Cost, Logistics, and Dates

The cost of the workshop is $4,800. You may choose to pay the course fees in one payment of $4,800 or four payments of $1,200. You can select your payment plan when you apply.

All our workshops are held on Zoom, an online meeting platform. You’ll need a computer, internet access, camera, and microphone (ear buds work great) to participate.

Our next round of workshops begin late Fall.

You’ve got three cohorts to choose from:

Cohort 1: November 6, 7, 20; December 18, 19; January 14, 15, 16.

Cohort 2: October 26, 27; November 22; December 14, 15; January 10, 11, 12.

Cohort 3: October 19, 20; November 26, December 14, 15; January 11, 12, 13. 


The Radical Relating Community

You’re here and so you’re considering getting from where you are to where you want to be…and where you want to be might seem a little hazy, a little fuzzy, a little uncertain.

It’s understandable. You’re getting ready to strike out in a new direction. You’ll need courage on that journey and you’ll need some companions, some folks along the way to walk with you. I’ll be there each step of the way, but so too will dozens of others: people like you and me, people who’ve been where you stand right now.

When you decide to learn the skills of Radical Relating you participate in a community of explorers who are one, two, three, and four or more years ahead of where you are right now. All learning together. Asking their questions. Sharing their challenges. Sharing their wins.

When you decide to take your Radical Relating Skills Workshop you don’t just take a class, you join a community.

We meet 2-4 times a month (on-line) to practice our skills, work on our visions, and grow. And once a year we gather at a retreat—a tune-up for your skills and more importantly an opportunity to connect with other people doing the work.

Ready to join us?

Radical Relating Program Relate to difference in a new way

Fill out your application to be considered for the next cohort.

Our next workshop begins in the Fall.

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