You want to be a

World Maker

You want to be a

World Maker

Being a World Maker starts with learning how to radically relate in every interaction, especially those that threaten the vision you hold. It calls for relating to difference while maintaining your integrity. It necessitates unpacking the things you carry, those patterns of decision-making that surrender your agency. Only then can you come home to your own sovereignty and truly lead as a World Maker.

The work you’ll find in the Lead. Gather. Relate. Resource Library is a sampling of our larger body of work. It is organized conceptually and gets progressively more complex.

Our intellectual grounding, like our teaching, is constantly evolving. We’re always deepening the work, fleshing it out more and more as we go. If you have any questions about what you’re reading, don’t hesitate to reach out and send us an email.

We are grateful when others find our work useful. If you are inspired to include any of our materials in your own writing please keep in mind that this work is copyrighted and registered. Fair use is responsible use. Please cite accordingly. Enjoy the deep dive.

Radical Relating

We take the 4 Skills of Radical Relating—Empathic Listening, Empathy, Congruence, and Unconditional Positive Regard—for a spin. We’ll look at them in theory and in practice, with concrete examples that shine a light on how to apply them to your everyday life challenges.

Relating to Difference

We expose the culture of contempt we live in and our blind complicity in it. We're calling BS on the pervasiveness of opposition, binary thinking, conditionality, and our need to make the other wrong to declare victory. We dive into these oh-so-familiar ways of relating during conflict and pull back the curtain on our own participation.

Things You Carry

We dig into the habitual ways of thinking and behaving that frame our experience, especially when we’re faced with conflict. These habits show up as trade-offs and compromises that over time shape our lives. This topic is hard, but it’s where the real gold of accepting your innate responsibility lies.


We walk through the composition of will, integrity, character, and responsibility. The intricate interplay of these things lays the foundation of your personal power. We’ll examine the nature of sovereignty and discuss tangible ways to develop each component.

World Making Leadership

We’ll take you through vision development, unconditional commitment, navigating paradox, and other leadership capacities necessary for the work of world making. We’ll tease out these capacities so you can see how they operate in your own leadership.

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